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Massachusetts Loan Modification & Foreclosure Defense

Everyone Can Experience Financial Difficulties, and Foreclosure Can Happen To Anyone. The Good News is, We may be able to Help!

Massachusetts Loan Modification For any Massachusetts resident that is struggling to pay their mortgage, or is already behind on thier mortgage payment, it is important to understand the Massachusetts Foreclosure laws and what you can do to save your home. You may be able to get out of foreclosure and lower yout monthly mortgage paymetn to an amount that is affordable to you. It is important to remember that there are many ways to protect your rights and keep your home:

There are alot of misconceptions about how to go about working out a mortgage problem with your lender. Below is a short decription of some of the popular questions that people ask about loan modification:

Things you may be considering

Faced with not being able to pay your mortgage, you may be considering drastic measures to "buy some time". This includes borrowing from family or friends, withdrawing money from a child's college savings account, and even taking a loan or distribution from your retirement plan. If you cannot afford your mortgage these actions will only delay the inevitable so that at some point you will be back at the same point - unable to pay your mortgage - only you will have expended the borrowed or withdrawn money. This is why it is important to understand your option now.

What are your options:

There are many ways to resolve a mortgage problem and prevent the loss of your home. Since there are so many nuances to the Loan Modification / mortgage work out process, the best way to ascertain what options are available is for us to go through a review of your situation which includes discussing your hardship (how this problem occurred), the mortgage details and your financial summary (monthly income and expenses). With this informaiton we can evaluate the options and discuss the merits of each solution. Having this information will allow you to decide the best course of action. The following is a general overview of the options:

So what can you do?

We offer a Free Consultation/Review of your mortgage situation. Once we gain an understanding of your finanical situation including your income, your mortgage, your monthly budget, the circumstances that led you to have trouble paying your mortgage, your life situation, and your desired outcome we can advise you of your options and our recomendations. In many cases we are able to lower the monthly mortgage payment significantly which leaves the homeowner capable of affording thier mortgage. As part of the process missed payments are capitalized and the mortgage is reinstated current. The easiest way to achieve this is usually a Massachusetts Loan Modification but in some circumstances this is not the case. We offer the Free Consultation/Reveiw with no obligation as our focus is to help the struggling homeowner with the right solution. In some cases, our review results in the determination that there is no way for the homeowner to workout thier mortgage issue. In those cases we will tell you that and advise you what options you have and how to minimize the impact of these options on your credit. We can negotiate a short sale with your lender or a Deed-in-Lieu to prevent foreclosure. Simply fill out our no-obligation form to the left of this page for a free consultation or call now, 1-201-205-2240.


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